Attending the home showing.

homey house imagesParticipation” is your keyword when shopping for a new home. You   chose to visit this home because it visually attracts you, is in the location you desire the house seems to have listed all you are looking for and, with-in your price range. Just like shopping for a new pair of shoes, or even a refrigerator, the process is identical. Check out the fit, rooms large enough for family comfort? How about items that stay; appliances, lighting fixtures or window treatments? Overall condition (your Home Inspector will delve into the mechanicals of the home), does the home look maintained?

Now, re-walk through. This time look at the home with your head instead of your heart, get a good feel for your own daily activities with-in this potential home. Participate by asking yourself those questions about whether you can live with the home’s amenities that seemed an issue on your first walk-through. Make a mental or written list of questions, ask your Realtor to get the answers from the listing agent or the homeowner; your agent will act fast to secure those answers.  

Do your homework when it comes to viewing a potential new home, try your best to make every minute count and remember, your active participation is free, it will serve you well!