You have entered a Realtor’s website looking for a house to buy. Now you whittle down, in their “advanced search,” your price range, the number of bedrooms and baths and whether it has a garage or not; results pop-up! You have just entered a Roebuck Catalog of housing.

Online home searching seems like, and is, the most instant-gratification tool available. These listings help trigger excitement and anticipation for moving from your current home. What this type of search (setting your parameters too close) can do is, corral you into thinking that these listings are what you are limited to; the wrong assumption. 

An online search, unless you are committed to a specific school system, should include next-door neighborhoods. You’ll find similar houses with similar amenities and pricing. Also, the next-door neighborhoods will share equal commuter distances and shopping/entertainment venues. A bonus may include different floor plans or placing your family in a closer walking distance to parks.

Searchers should never rule out other like-neighborhood homes because you have a friend that lives in a specific sub-division or one where you went to grade school from; it may not be possible in your home-search timeline. Don’t miss out a great buy on a home that may have been meant for your family. Discounting a home for sale that is not exactly where you expected, can be limiting. Broaden your horizons, location does have its place but not when it comes to a savvy and comfortable home purchase.