The Anders Team Facebook page hopes to provide “real time” information about the Central Ohio Real Estate trends and Industry. Not only to promote the real estate business, our page stands for the promotion of home ownership everywhere. 

As a way of giving back to our communities, The Anders Team members are advocates in promoting real estate education and resource. This special passion will bring home ownership tips and trends to owning, improving and response to changing trends you may need to be aware of. Working closely with local area real estate title, mortgage banking, home inspection and home repair/service companies, we (The Anders Team) feels that local business interaction strengthens the community and provides opportunities for all. We believe community unity is a must to preserve the dignity and promotion of family.

As a special favorite, The Capital Area Humane Society has a place in our heart and business. Being conscience of perils that exists to pet populations, they continue with their support and advocacy for compassion to homeless and injured pets; we honor their service.