caricature of teeter totter weighing the value of a house and a dollar sign.

Know the Worth of Your Home!


     Since it’s your biggest financial asset, it’s important you get the most for your home. When you know what your property is worth, you can be confident in setting a sale price. Pinpointing your home value can also help you decide whether to put it on the market. Marty or Kelsey, The Anders Team, can prepare a market analysis of your home to determine it’s a price comparable to others in the neighborhood and surrounding area. 

     Knowing your home’s value can also help you decide if upgrades or repairs are in order. You want to be sure these costs will pay off. In general, it’s a good idea to make improvements that will increase your asking price. 

     Complete the form below so we have the pertinent information necessary to return to your e-mail the best analysis possible. 

     Should you wish to have one of us visit your home for a more in-depth study of all your home’s amenities inclusion in the analysis, just call on us. This service is at no cost to you!


Marty Anders:  614-491-1518 – Kelsey Montenaro:  614-561-4283